Getting Started

Getting started with CrossFit is simple at CrossFit Diem!

The first step is to set up your introductory Free Trial. This allows you the opportunity to meet us, see the gym, find out, first-hand, what we do and who we are, and of course, try a workout. If you, and we, decide that CrossFit Diem is for you, then your next step is to enroll in our Foundations On-Ramp.

Our Foundations On-Ramp course takes place the first Saturday of every month, depending on enrollment numbers, and typically runs for 3hrs or longer. 

The Foundations On-Ramp is an elements type course consisting of most of all movements that will be encountered in a regular CrossFit class. This course is a requirement prior to being allowed into any CrossFit Diem class. You will be carefully exposed to each movement and taught the correct mechanics and range of motion needed to safely perform them. These movements are the core of the program and important in helping you achieve rapid and exciting success. They will be strategically spread out over a 3 to 4 period and will range from easier to harder/simpler to more complex.

You will come to appreciate this course and the instruction that comes along with it. Each course only allows a limited number of participants. It’s going to be fun! 

We welcome you to make an appointment with us so that you may come in and see first-hand who we are, and what we do!


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