"I make mistakes but learn from every one
And when it's said and done
I bet this brother be a better one
If I upset you dont stress
Never forget, that God isn't finished with me yet" - Tupac Shakur


- Weightlifting -

1) 10min to build to a heavy hang clean + 1 jerk

* no more than 3 misses *

2) EMOM x 5min:

1 hang clean + 1 jerk @ 90% of #1


- Strength -

1a) STRICT Press - 4 x 3 (AHAP)

1b) ME bar/ring MU (scale to C2B or pull-ups)

* all reps completed on a 6min clock *


- Conditioning -

AMRAP in 6min:

DB man/woman makers  (45/25)


- Mobility -

Truck Driver BB w/ plate adductor mash x 2-3min ea side

Hip capsule/TFL lacrosse ball mash x 2-3min ea side

Super Frog x 2-3min ea side

Teachable Tuesday